A quizzical encounter, a quarantine quandary, and a quintillion outfits!

The year was 2019, and among the Quokka community of Wadjemup Island, life hummed along blissfully with a sense of oblivious normality. Sound familiar?

We foraged for vegan cuisine by night, and slept like joeys by day, waking only when required to do our job: quotidian photo-ops with the tourist paparazzi; a labour of love for we camera-happy marsupials. Nobody needs to remind us to smile!

One warm March afternoon, a delightful fellow sought a selfie with me, introducing himself as one Quis Hemsworth. He too, seemed to have a paparazzi problem, albeit a little more extreme than my own. Of course, we bonded immediately, and he became my BFF! You see, we both love to play dress up, and have others admire our looks. But then again, who doesn’t?

Within weeks, more and more international superstars came to visit, creating quite the stir among my furry friends, and turning us into a global phenomenon! But a few short months after my BFF Quis Hemsworth had initiated the quokka selfie craze, I arose to find the tourist paparazzi quizzically absent. Eventually, we learned that a dastardly bat colony had conspired to create a global pandemic, thus robbing us of the human attention we crave! As I always say: never trust a chiroptera.

With our employment unexpectedly suspended, we were left with the quandary of how to fill our days without the cameras and celebrities. Wanting nothing more than to bring some joy to the humdrum lives of my fellow quokkas, I was serendipitously inspired by my BFF Quis Hemsworth’s career choice. Delving deep into my outrageously overstocked queer closet, I started a costume party that has kept on going ever since!

So here we are, darlings. It’s 2022 and welcome to my gloriously gay closet! My inspiration comes from legendary 2SLGBTQIA+ trailblazers, game-changers, and allies - and I want to hear about yours too. And once I’ve shown 100 of my outfits to the world it will be your turn to rummage through the dress-up box and express yourself through your own creative combinations!

So if you live for a stunning lewk, and love your fellow humans no matter who they love, then you will quite possibly love me!

QQ xx