sassquokk (She/Her)

Community Lead / Events Director.

Quinley's Chief of Sass

IRL Meatspace Experience: Event Producer, Bar/Nightclub Management. Copywriting. Movie/Television extra. She can sling drinks faster than a malfunctioning vending machine.

Queer icons: Cyndi Lauper (she also once lived in the same building as her.), The Indomitable Sharon Strzelecki aka Magda Szubanski, Dan Levy, and of course, her beautiful friends and collaborators Mako and Moe Highflyer!

Weirdest Jobs: First job at the age of 14. Cutting pizzas at Pizza Hut on a 2-4-1 Tuesday. And getting paid $4.15 to do it. Once caught the manager in his skivvies washing his work uniform in the dishwasher. Blegh. Was also assaulted with a coffee mug at a donut shop once. That was the end of her young career in the iced confections industry.

Fun Fact: Once got stuck in an outdoor toilet for half an hour when a funnel web spider crawled onto the doorknob for a nap.

Why NFTs? Why TF not? She’s had one epic decade long career, and was looking for something new to challenge herself with. Mission accomplished. A great many of her friends work their tails off in the arts and never make what their work is worth. She is hopeful that the Web3 and NFT future can help bring artists the full value of their creations.

What does she want out of this project? To work in an inclusive, happy and profitable community, with friends and like-minded people all over the world. Making some money wouldn’t hurt either.

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