Moe Highflyer (He/Him)

Finance Director / Global Virtual Office Manager.

Quinley's Chief of Staff

IRL Meatspace Experience: Global citizen. Team and workforce management in Hospitality, Healthcare and NGOs since first promoted to Manager at age 17. Nursing, Operating Theatres, Gastroenterology, HIV Services, Aged Care, and Disability. Husband of Mako Highflyer.

Queer Icons: George Michael; Bianca Del Rio; Gloria Estefan; Karen Walker from Will & Grace.

Weirdest Job: Assigned to a random hospital by a nursing agency to admit colonoscopy patients. An obviously affectionate middle-aged couple arrived, whose excessive attachment to one another seemed to be exacerbated by their nerves about the man’s impending procedure. Upon Moe reassuring the lady that her husband would be given top quality care, she cheerily informed him that he was, in fact, her son.

Fun Fact: As a native Spanish speaker, he misheard the lyrics of Miley Cyrus’ hit song Wrecking Ball and thought the chorus refrain was “I take it like a rainbow”. He had no idea what that meant, but he sang along with it for years anyway.

Why NFTs? To prove to the world that there is room for change and the era of a few rich and powerful people calling all the shots is coming to an end, so that communities can now have the biggest share of voice.

What does he want out of this project? To eliminate the 9-to-5 grind, create a flexible and agile future career, and to support the values and voices of the community instead of the desires of the corporate world.

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