Maple Wallaby (He/Him)

Tech Strategist / All Rounder / Generalist.

Quinley’s Personal Assistant

IRL Meatspace Experience: Operations Strategist, Workforce Strategist, Long-time Academic, Mental Health Solutions, Bar Manager, Cocktail Enthusiast, Musician, Opera Singer, Conductor

Queer Icons: Alan Turing, Freddie Mercury, Benjamin Britten, and the badass bassist from Ooo, Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Weirdest Jobs: Developing a project to sell thousands of JPEGs so we can create an invisible clubhouse on the internet for small marsupials in costumes to hang out with other small marsupials wearing different costumes.

Seriously...weird right?

Fun Fact: Was once aboard a train from Paris to Nice that was almost hijacked and almost robbed. Was also blissfully unaware of the cause of this train delay (despite the riot police making an appearance) as all the updates were in French and he doesn’t speak that language. Learned what happened 3 days later from a newspaper.

Why NFTs? NFTs represent the only active community where designing the future and building something amazing exists in combination with accessibility, a low barrier to entry, financial sustainability, community input, and genuine betterment of all verses, meat and meta. In short, changing the world by doing cool shit.

What does he want out of this project? To build something bigger than himself which will sustain itself well beyond his involvement. To be a part of the cutting edge, and to play his part in transforming the world for the better.

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