Mako HighFlyer (He/Him)

Digital Artist / Creative Director.

Quinley's Personal Stylist

IRL Meatspace Experience: Community & Not-For-Profit Partnerships, Business Development, Event Producer, Marketing & PR Campaigns, Mental Health Services, Community Engagement, Fundraising, Standup Comedian, YouTuber, Musician. Husband of Moe Highflyer.

Queer icons: Eddie Izzard; Skin from Skunk Anansie; Xena Warrior Princess; Michelangelo (the Renaissance artist, but he also had a childhood crush on the Ninja Turtle).

Weirdest Jobs: First job after graduating from university was as a children's party clown, during which time he was once pulled over by the police while en route to a gig and alcohol breath tested while in full makeup and costume. Despite the cop stating quite seriously that he looked nothing like his license photo, he passed.

Fun Fact: Named after a variety of fancy racing pigeon with extraordinary flying talents and a Māori name meaning "maneater", given to a type of shark famed for launching itself into the air. Akin to a human Sharknado, Mako is at once a thrilling, unpredictable, force of nature who is also inherently silly, campy, and ridiculous.

Why NFTs? For much of his career he has worked for community and arts organisations reliant on big business sponsorship. He believes that putting the control back into the hands of artists and communities is the seismic cultural shift we need to smash the current inequitable systems and hit the collective reset button.

What does he want out of this project? To use his creativity to earn a living while establishing an inclusive, supportive, and self-sustainable global community which celebrates queer excellence through the joy of dressing up in fabulous costumes.

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