Ginger Moose (He/Him)

Web and Software Developer / Tech Support.

Quinley’s Technical Director

IRL Meatspace Experience: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Mobile App Development, Back-End Development, UX Design, Musician, Restaurant Manager (in a past life).

Queer icons: Arca, Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Alan Turing, Allen Ginsberg, Josephine Baker.

Weirdest Jobs: Once worked in a hospital operating theatre and saw some shit, both literally and figuratively.

Fun Fact: For his twelfth birthday he wanted nothing more than a copy of Lil Kim's album La Bella Mafia. His very cool older sister burned him a copy where all profanities were replaced with a cartoon character saying "dookie".

Why NFTs? Keen to be part of a decentralised community-based movement that gives precedence to artistic expression.

What does he want out of this project? To put himself in new situations where he has to learn, adapt, and challenge himself but also have fun and make friends along the way.

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