A Note from Quinley Quokka...

As a hard-working Marsupermodel, I need an all-star entourage to make the magic happen. My quirky crew of queerdos has over 100 years of friendship between them, and is deeply invested in my success. Typical stage parents, am I right?

I may be on a tiny isolated island, but my global gang are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York and Sri Lanka, and along with their various partners, lovers, and cellmates their backgrounds are Aussie, Kiwi, Māori, American, Canadian, Spanish, Korean and Lebanese. Now that’s seriously multicultural!

I love a good cocktail, and my talented team includes members from across the sexuality, gender, and neurodivergence spectrums, with some capital allies whose unwavering support for yours truly has proven them to be worthy community members.

So although we come from a variety of backgrounds, above all we all believe in an independent and sustainable queer Web3 future. And a good stiff drink at the end of a long day in drag. And hopefully my cheer squad will be able to audition for new members soon, to bring even more diversity to our fruity family…

So no matter who you are, or who you love, Quinley will love you. Especially if you love playing dress ups!

QQ xx

sassquokk (She/Her)

Community Lead / Events Director.

Quinley's Chief of Sass

Mako HighFlyer (He/Him)

Digital Artist / Creative Director.

Quinley's Personal Stylist

Ginger Moose (He/Him)

Web and Software Developer / Tech Support.

Quinley’s Technical Director

Moe HighFlyer (He/Him)

Finance Director / Global Virtual Office Manager.

Quinley's Chief of Staff

Maple Wallaby (He/Him)

Tech Strategist / All Rounder / Generalist.

Quinley’s Personal Assistant

Pinkysekki (He/Him)

Content Creator.

Quinley’s Personal Videographer