Rolling out individually from March 2022

The Collection

Quinley’s debut Iconique Collection is a love letter to queer excellence, featuring 100 curated costumes representing legends from every colour of the rainbow, letter of the acronym, and continent of the world - even Antarctica!

Radically inclusive and innately beyond the gender binary, Quinley takes their sartorial inspirations from queer and allied achievers across the worlds of entertainment, literature, art, politics, sports, and science.

Each Iconique Collection artwork is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and sold on OpenSea marketplace as a 1/1 NFT, serving as a membership token which unlocks participation in a global community.

Providing Presale Pinklist access to the Generation Q Collection, each Iconique Collection artwork also includes one ultra-rare trait not found in any other artwork.

Eleven Special Edition NFTs will be released during this collection, each auctioned to support a different Charity Partner aligned with the queer community values epresented by the eleven colours of the Progressive Pride flag: