To be announced soon

The Collection

Over 600 unique, hand-drawn costume pieces, backgrounds, wigs, and makeup looks from the Iconique Collection will be randomly combined to form the Generation Q Collection, with quintillions of possible combinations.

A Presale Pinklist will be established, with details still to come. The final number of NFTs and the mint price are also still a secret, but there will be thousands available at an affordable price point.

Quinley loves everyone, no matter who they love, but since minting NFTs doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, 100 random Generation Q NFTs will be reserved for low income community members, allowing equitable access for all.

30% of all initial sale profits and future resale royalties from the Generation Q Collection will go towards a Community Wallet to fund causes, projects, and artists elected by the community.

Owners of Quinley Quokka NFTs from either collection will be able to claim an unlockable feature - a limited edition plushie that you can dress up in your own IRL fashion designs, and bring along to our meatspace meetups and Iconique costume parties!

Revolutionary Fluidity

Quinley has some big reveals to come about a revolutionary approach to NFT profile pictures (PFPs).

They’re big on self-expression, and this innovative, interactive, and dynamic concept expands the possibilities of a PFP while providing additional community benefits, returns on investment, and opportunities for financial reward.

Some things may be more fluid than they seem - and not just Quinley’s gender!