Quinley has a lot of love to give, and philanthropy is a central tenet of this quokka’s project.

We will partner with 11 charitable organisations, each selected to receive funds raised from the auction of one of the Iconique Collection Special Edition artworks.

They’ll be chosen for their alignment with queer community values and the meanings behind the Progressive Pride Flag colours: Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Harmony and Spirit, as well as four charities with a BIPOC and Trans focus.

Following the sale of the Generation Q Collection, 30% of all profits and royalties will go into a Community Wallet. We’re firmly committed to 30% - always.

This wallet will fund the development of Quinley Quokka’s global empire, providing ongoing support to community-elected social justice causes (we certainly don’t want to make this decision on our own). Eventually, the wallet can be established as a self-sustaining DAO, with full control given to the community.