A diminutive endangered species living only on a small Western Australian island, the quokka was chosen as they are known to exhibit homosexual behaviour, take multiple partners, and have few identifiable differences in appearance between the sexes. They also have the cutest smiles, leading to their reputation as the happiest gayest animals on Earth.

Quinley Quokka (they/them) is an indigenous, body positive, nonbinary, pansexual, polyamorous, marsupial supermodel (or marsupermodel) with a penchant for dressing up as 2SLGBTQIA+ icons, legends, and allies.

The creation of queer digital artist, event producer, and partnership manager, Mako Highflyer (he/him) with support from a multicultural, multilingual, and multitalented global team of very smart and really quite lovely people, Quinley Quokka is the adorable mascot of a radically inclusive Web3 community, connected through a joyful celebration of queer excellence.

Having managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of corporate Pride sponsorships, Mako is creating a sustainable philanthropic funding model focused on queer community agency, autonomy, and opportunity - and free from corporate pinkwashing and seasonal rainbow-branding.

Follow Quinley’s personal Twitter account for artwork drops, project updates, our weekly Queer Pioneers show on Spaces, and to discover other queer NFT artists and projects. You can interact with Quinley directly to suggest costume choices, future project ideas, or just to let them know who could use a bit of quokka love!